The Return of Carter, Hunter “Growing”

25 April  Press Release

La Nazione MORNING PRACTICE yesterday for Mens Sana, who worked at PalaEstra during one session to prepare for Sunday’s delicate match against Brindisi. Guests that morning were freshman students from Galilei High School, who spent time with the team and staff learning the daily ins and outs of a high level professional team. It was […]


Mens Sana Already Focused on Enel

22 April  Press Release

La Nazione THE ANGER over losing at the very end at Palamaggiò in Caserta needs to be transformed into positive energy, because Brindisi comes to PalaEstra Sunday for a head to head match that must be won at all costs if the team wants to lock down heading ending the regular season in second place. Led […]


Montepaschi Gets Hunter Back, but Carter’s in Caserta’s Still a Doubt

18 April  Press Release

Corriere di Siena At this point, we’re used to thinking on two levels, talking about basketball in Siena – what’s played on court – and what’s happening on the administrative side. The most difficult part is for those you have to head on court, play and isolate themselves from what’s happening around them, including personal […]


Mens Sana with Hunter in Doubt

17 April  Press Release

Corriere di Siena On the road leading to Caserta, doubt remains about Othello Hunter. The spotlight is on Men Sana’s main center, still dealing 11 days later (many days have passed since that April 6th when the American left the Sassari game early) pain in his hip that makes his presence particularly uncertain at the […]


Sprint Finale A Rising Mens Sana against Pasta Reggia

16 April  Press Release

Corriere di Siena With four game days left, Mens Sana is working toward solidifying their definitive positive at the end of the regular season. The green-and-whites find themselves facing the same team that beat them by twenty-one points the first round, in what was probably the worst game Crespi’s boys have played all season. They […]


Mesesport on Newsstands

16 April  Press Release

Mesesport is back on newsstand, just about sat the 300th issue. Sienese sports and sports club troubles are analyzed in depth, as a quality magazine of sports current events and critiques like Mesesport should. Here are some of the titles regarding Siena: ‘Una lezione da tenere a memoria” (A Lesson to Remember; ‘Perché il Bari […]


Mens Sana Sets Their Sights on Caserta

15 April  Press Release

Corriere di Siena Mens Sana got back to work today, led by Coach Crespi who, after the championship break last weekend for the All Star Game in Ancoan (with a stellar performance for the green-and-whites involved) now wants to focus all attention on Caserta, before the last four days that close out the regular season and […]


The All Star Game Is Over and It’s Back to the Championship

14 April  Press Release

Corriere di Siena With the All Star Game over, which gave a Sunday off to almost the entire group (except for Cournooh with the Nationals and Haynes with the green-and-white staff’s Stars) Mens Sana now gets back to focusing on the championship and defending second place. The pre-Easter away match is on the horizon in […]


Mens Sana: Judgement Day

11 April  Press Release

La Nazione A SIEGE at the track.Mens Sana arrived at around 9:30 – just in time to change – then Siena’s schools kids begin to arrive. “Can we take a picture with the team, please!” Trainer Maurizio Forconi had to play bodyguard, but just can’t deny them. He says, “Ok, but just for minute because […]


Mens Sana Focused on Their Goals

10 April  Press Release

La Nazione IT’S OBJECTIVELY astonishing. Right now, no one’s talking about anything but Mens Sana. Many are giving praise for a sensational season played at a high level despite club and team troubles that could have undermined any locker room. But that didn’t happen to the green-and-whites. Meanwhile, the hashtag #ForzaCrespi in support of the Crespi’s candidacy […]


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