Green and Carter Triple Specialists. Nelson Like Clockwork. Hackett and Ress Ok

9 October 2013  Press Release

La Nazione di Siena

GREEN 6.5 – His first excursion on court taught him that the NCAA is easier than any European Supercup.  More enterprising second half, becomes more aware of his potential and feels more at ease. ROCHESTIE 5.5 – Good rapport with Hunter, but when he tries to shoot they just won’t go in. Improves at the end but he needs the jumpstart earlier. HACKETT 8 – Pivot and jumper: we like it on this side of the ocean too. We also like his leadership, which he can sell by the pound. Wins MVP – an honour he was missing. Statistics say “10 assists. What more can we say… ENGLISH 6 – Enters and shoots a three. And he does well. Then it ends there. Talent to explore, but he’s got to dive in. CARTER 7.5 – Presents himself to Italy with his specialty: triple and triple. Then it’s just rim the next three shots. But a lot more is needed to discourage him. A “Euroleague” small forward who’s index rating (19) is higher than the number of points he scored (18) VIGGIANO 6 – Immediately triples. Adds very little after that but says in the system. RESS 8 – “Sink it!” some fans screamed during a tough time second quarter. Then times get hard and he likes it when times get hard. Like during the Coppa Italia semifinals against Sassari, to take a trip down memory lane. Amazing is all that can be said. NELSON 6.5 – Like clockwork. Offensively not what he was last year in Spain, but he’s already got the situation under control. He fights for the tough balls and does exactly what is expected of him. HUNTER 6 – Won’t be moved from under his net but Hassel makes 6 points in a row in his face when it counts third quarter. A matter of details? Maybe so, maybe not. But he’s a good player. ORTNER 6.5 – Produces a lot…a whole lot. Produces on offense and defense. His report reads 4 in both points and index rating, but his impact is a 16.


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