Josh Carter Already Adjusted to Crespi’s Plays

9 October 2013  Press Release

Corriere di Siena

Josh Carter was one of this team’s unknowns. And if the proof is in the pudding then Mens Sana fans can only be pleased with what the American forward showed last night at the Italian Supercup.  He’s already well-adjusted to Coach Crespi’s plays, and is almost more amazing because of the excellent defense he put up against Ebi Ere. In reality, his fantastic shooting skills allowed him to be nearly perfect last night from the arc. Mens Sana fans gave him long rounds of applause and, thus, got to know a very promising player. The duel between Carter and Ebi Ere was a great one. But the most interesting and exciting duel was between their two externals. Before the match, Coach Frates reminded players of Daniel Hackett’s leadership to point out one of the strong points Cimberio would be facing. It’s leadership that was effectively shown last night at PalaEstra. Coach Crespi’s number 23 doesn’t miss a beat and earns a much-deserved win against Varese. Mens Sana always had the ball in their court, so to speak, but Hackett knew how to penetrate at hot moments during the challenge, especially third quarter. Hackett (yesterday’s mvp) seems to already have a good rapport with Erick Green. There seems to be good chemistry between them. Speaking o, Erick Green, he doesn’t even seem like an American – and we mean that in a good way. Let us explain: his way of playing doesn’t seem “American”. He plays in a more European way: he always guards his teammates, never looks for plays he can conclude, he knows how to score and defend. All of that certainly isn’t common for a stars and stripes point guard. Ok, so Varese’s Clark and Coleman were like that at times too. Mens Sana fans can certainly be happy with what they saw yesterday.



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