The Supercup Between Montepaschi and Varese

8 October 2013  Press Release

La Nazione di Siena

The wait is over. The season starts today. It’s Supercup day. It’s the first trophy of the year and, this year like never before, it’s holds a special meaning. Everything has changed in Siena: coach, four fifths of the starting five and, especially, outlook. Let’s be clear: this Mens Sana is not obligated to win the Coppa Italia and the 2013/2014 national title. The pressure is all on others. But the only people who play that Supercup are ones that did great things the past season. Varese, Coppa Italia finalists, did great things and that’s why the playoff semifinalists are here for the challenge tonight.  Mens Sana has created great, epic history. There’s no need to remind you of all that’s been won. But everything is different now. So newcomers have heard plenty of storied and anecdotes. They’ve gotten a taste of that excitement through their teammates who experienced those days. Now, it’s their turn. Marco Crespi explains, “Supercup eve for a new group, made of so many newcomers and first-timers, has special meaning made of motivation, emotions and, especially, curiosity.”  And curiosity to know what this team can do is strong. “During the pre-season, we met up with Varese two times, with absences on one side or the other. Sure, we got an impression of the two teams, but tonight’s game will have few things in common with those.” The group has been studying hard. Growth is also measured in the ability to bring what you saw on the blackboard to court.  “Our key is to play without fear or pressure. We don’t even need to be nervous from a technical standpoint. Our goal is to attack on offense and put a lot of pressure on defense, where it’s vital for everyone to collaborate. Varese is a team with experienced players.  We need to respect each of their characteristics. We’re going to try to put it into high gear in terms of mental freshness and physical vigor.” And drive needs to come from the crowd. “ This Mens Sana is starting back up at zero. Siena fans know how to help the team; they’ve done it many times and they’ll do it again tonight.” F.C.


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