“The Supercup Is a True Honor. I’m Excited”

4 October 2013  Press Release

Last season, Taylor Rochestie watched Mens Sana’s epic journey from the outside, as they were able to win the national title from fifth place. Wearing Biella’s jersey, he was able to touch – though from the other side – the conviction that drove Hackett and teammates. That’s why he’s one of the happiest about wearing the green-and-white jersey now. He explains, “Siena has a great reputation and an excellent organization. That’s why they’ve done such amazing things in the recent past and have written basketball history. Playing here in this jersey and in this city, is very important and very exciting to me because there are a lot of expectations and your best is required – the same things we need to ask of ourselves as players. We always have to give it our all and even go beyond to be part of this process.” How far along are you with Supercoppa and the championship are so near? ‘Our team is a new one, with only 3 elements from last season and all the others having just arrived, but we’ve got everyone adjusted pretty well. The season is going to be very long; there will be highs and lows. We’ll need to learn each day, but what counts is our willingness to dedicate ourselves and work hard to grow and improve. And I think Mens Sana has already made good progress in that regard. We’re adjusting and getting to know each other, and so far things look promising.” How are you all reacting to the upcoming Supercoppa? “Any time you play for a trophy that’s decided in one single game, whether Euroleague or the championship, it’s always very intense. It’s nice to have that kind of opportunity at the start of the season. Varese lost to Mens Sana last season and so they’re heading into this fired up and set on revenge. I think it’s going to be a match that’s intense like Euroleague; we’re both impatient about such an exciting challenge.” Who’s going to win the championship? “the team that proves they’re the best at the end of the year.” M.D.



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