Carter Shines “But We Messed Up on Defense”

9 January  Press Release

La Nazione
JOSH Carter was one of the last of his teammates to give in to the loss tol Khimki. It was a good performance by the ex St. Petersburg player, especially from an offensive standpoint, which he likens to a European finale after a less than brilliant finish in Euroleague. “It was a difficult game for both teams – hard fought and tough” number eleven commented in the press room post game last night. “But we knew that, and knew what to expect.” Strong, skilled Russians with a decidedly good roster. “A high level opponent in all regards. We probably messed up some on defense, but that can happen considering that it was our first match this round  and the team we were facing.” The author of seventeen points in about 31 minutes, Carter apparently was unaware they they’d exited Euroleague and changed competitions. Their opponent was of equal value, if not superior, to those of other first European competition. “Khimki is a Euroleague team in all respects,” Mens Sana’s external man comments, “and that’s why it really seemed like a different competition, in a prestigious context. In fact, I didn’t notice any difference.”

Guido De Leo



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