Cournooh: “Great Win, We Needed It for Morale”

27 January  Press Release

La Nazione

DAVID COURNOOH is one of the ones who jumpstarted the game third quarter when the energy Mens Sana brought to court was key in changing the inertia of a game not on the right track. “A great win that really needed for morale. We did a good job reacting third quarter by defending strong and working hard.  It was a matter of mentality. A difficult start that, however, drove us to react at halftime. We even need to have that “fire” inside us tomorrow during practice so the games will be easier. We need to play harder at the start , more intensely even to the edge of fouling.” Even Crespi complimented the ex Casale player. “My role is to bring energy, defend strong against stronger players. I didn’t score the same points as in the Rome game. but I think I was more sold and energetic.” It was a good night for Green too, who was among his team’s best. “It was a good game. We worked hard on defense and attacked the way we know how. We’re happy because it was important for us to bring energy to each zone of the court. It was hard coming back from Haifa – a long trip – different from what I was used to in the United States. But these are useful experiences; they’ll help me and my players as men and as players.”



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