Hunter Deserve a High Grade: Gigantic

9 January  Press Release

La Nazione

GREEN 7 – Immediately inspired. He wants to take his place back after Haynes’s performance. Headspinning first quarter with 9
points and only 1 mistake. Makes a fool out of Kurtinaitis the last play after the time out called by their coach.
HAYNES 6.5 – Silly mistake first quarter against Mike Green whom he allows low post and a 1 point lead. Four turnovers by the start of the third. Some interesting things on offense.

COURNOOH 5.5 -A triple to bring hope at the end of the third. Looking back, that hope was in vain, but it meant something at the time.
JANNING 6.5 – Never lands one. And if he doesn’t do that…

VIGGIANO 4.5 – Only Greek referee Anastopulos’ intervention saves him from Crespi’s court invasion on an impossible pass to Hunter.

CARTER 7.5 – Dunk: a territory that he should explore more often. His assist on Carter’s dunk belongs among the week’s highlights. Knocks down an important three. Top for index rating.

UDOM n.g. – One minute doesn’t count when the game is over and there’s a 20 point gap. It’s worth something if it’s at the end of the first: coach’s confidence.

NELSON 6 – His energy helps him defend on an inconvenient Koponen. Not much else.
RESS 5.5 – Taking on someone like Loncar is something that only happens in Euroleague. Excuse me, Eurocup.
HUNTER 7.5 – Warms up with a 5 meter fade away. Triples 2 minutes later. Smooth dunk.
Wrong basket… well…
ORTNER 5-11 Foul on Popovic during comeback attempt is unwatchable.

Federico Cappelli



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