The First Obstacle Is Acea Roma

14 January  Press Release

La Nazione

MONTEPASCHI against Acea Roma. And then Enel Brindisi facing Umana Venezia. That’s the high part of the grid. Then there’s the part that seems to be more interesting – or what seems like it might give the best show. Cantù against Reggio Emilia and Milano against Sassari. Those are challenges you can watch in one fell swoop seeing as though, unlike last year, they’re being played all on the same day. However, they are scheduled at diferent times. Kicking off the event is the number one team (Brindisi) against Venezia (jump ball at 12). Three hours later, it’s Mens Sana (and fans surely won’t be happy because they’ll lose an entire day if they want to see the game in Milan). At 6pm, it’s Cantù against Reggio Emilia and Milan plays Sassari that night (8:30). Televeision or marketing requirement. Not much to say about that. This should be the schedule. Who’s the favourite? There’s no use beating around the bush..It’s Milano without a doubt. Because they’re playing at home and because they’re the championship’s strongest team. Although, Sunday’s game demonstrated that there’s no limit to what hard work can do. A Mens Sana inferior in terms of talent anniilated a sold out for at least 20 minues. And their defensive game was sumptuous, to boot. A few baskets more would have been enough to create a wider gap. But there were a lot of mistakes on both sides of the court. In any case, what remains is the image of a “little” Siena who can compete with the “big” Milano, despite all that happened with and before Hackett. That’s the beauty of basketball. Those who thought over the years that it was impossible to beat Mens Sana were sorely mistaken. Less talk, more work. Maybe that’s what was needed.


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