The Team Turns the Page. Now Consistency Is Needed

31 January  Press Release


La Nazione

MATT Janning returns to the team and brings 34 points. Mens Sana’s Instagram page has a brief video with one the American’s seven triples. The one chosen is special: Haynes makes it past half court and passes it to Janning, who doesn’t think twice about shooting from 8 meters away. His defender doesn’t even have time to put his hands up to do anything remotely resembling defense. Here’s the commentary: ”It can’t be that easy…” Matt Janning responds, “It shouldn’t be.” Actually, it isn’t, because ballistic performances of that quality don’t happen very often. Mens Sana closed out the challenge against Maccabi Haifa at 41,2% from the arc, and they need to thank Matt, Josh Carter (5/8) and Marquez Haynes
(2/5). No one else landed a 3. But that’s part of the game plan. And it could be David Cournooh with 4/7 or Jeff Viggiano, who ended the game against the Israeli’s with 0/4. He already won against Zielona Gora and Malaga too, even though it was a 2-pt shot. There’s certainly no need to worry if he shoots blanks one night. And Marco Crespi certainly isn’t worried. The coach has simply humbly marched on without reading or listening to any of the chatter. The Gazzetta dello Sport called him «coach of the year» before that bad start to. That nomination still stands. Actually, he’s become even more solid because there’s a big difference between having Hackett and seeing him play for the other side. But it’s only two game. To be more precise, it’s one and a half: second half against Reggio Emilia and the 40 minutes against Maccabi. priNow some consistency is needed, first in Bologna and then in the Coppa Italia where staying an extra day makes all the difference. The team has gotten their confidence back, and not just because Janning came back and served up 34 points. The team has worked hard and seems to have overcome the moment in Haifa when the buzzer sounded and you could have put a check mark in the “disaster” column. Those are the inevitable ups and downs of a team that’s had to chance so much in just a few months. There’s certainly no lack of courage and no lack of drive to continue on. That’s the kind of spirit that needs to be contagious, especially in Siena where Mens Sana builds their own future – thanks in part to the warmth of fans.


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