The Night’s Hero: “We Wanted To Do Well”

30 January  Press Release

La Nazione

MATT Janning is the night’s hero. He returned to Siena and did it all in just a few days: basket, injury, thirty plus points. The secret? “I know where were a lot of changes in Siena but, at the same time, I think Marco Crespi has done a great job so far of making everyone feel like they’re a part of the system – on both offense and defense. And the group’s made up of guys I immediately felt comfortable. We headed on court against Maccabi Haifa with good energy. I felt like the team – my teammates – were really driven to do well. That’s why I’m really happy after all that’s happened the past couple of weeks.” What does it mean to play for Siena? “I’ll give more than an explanation than just an response, and this is one of the reasons why I came back. The people, the club, the way they work…whoever plays on this team feels like they’re a part. I had a problem but I’m back on court. I took shots confidently because I feel good.” Mattia Udom had t his to say: “After Reggio Emilia, Coach told me I’d be in the starting five. I  was really excited at the start of the game. I’m really  lucky to be able to compete at this level. Getting court time is really important to me. Now I have more confidence in myself and I see that the hard work I do at practices pays off.”  Work, confidence, cooperation. Openness: all ingredients in a winning recipe that, for Mens Sana, goes beyond any one win.”



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