Matt Janning worked with His Teammates. Jump Ball at 8:30, Live on Canale 3

29 January  Press Release

La Nazione

THE WIN over Reggio Emilia jumpstarted Mens Sana after having gone through a very difficult time. It was a victory worth double after seeing that Crespi’s team was even able to overturn the shot differential. That’s a huge success in terms of the season and the playoffs. They have six points over (with the shot differential in favour) Reggio Emilia. And Avellino and Caserta are both at 16. There an away win against Avellino that was worth a lot, and heavy loss at home to Caserta on the Feast of Stephen. But Mens Sana. holds their future in their own hands, having played most of their head on matches away against first string teams:
Milano, Cantù, Brindisi and Sassari. Eurocup is tonight with a glimmer of hope still alive. Jump ball is at 8:30pm (live on Canale 3 Toscana) on the challenge against Maccabi Haifa. Not only does Siena have to beat them, but it also needs to be by a large margin. The 20 point loss in Haifa is bad, but if it comes down to a trio with Israel and Nymburk, a broader shot differential would come into play. The team held two practices yesterday. Matt Janning was out for the Sunday game in Reggio Emilia, but practiced with his teammates yesterday afternoon. That’s good news for Marco Crespi, not just in terms of tonight’s game, but also for the big away game Sunday in Bologna and the upcoming Final Eight, which puts Montepaschi on court  Friday, February 7th in Milan against Roma.


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