“Grandpa” Ress Plays Like Baresi, Carter Lands One Eight Meters Out

30 January  Press Release

La Nazione

GREEN 6.5 – Sensational first quarter, often acrobatic, Euroleauge highlights material though done in Eurocup. His night ends in that ten minutes, or almost. But it was all great show.
HAYNES 7 – You get the impression he doesn’t feel like he’s the go to guy, so he’ll try to be the mvp. Closes out with 6 assists. Plus – and this is no minor detail – he’s 4/7 with 14 punti.

COURNOOH 6 – The quality he brings isn’t necessarily linked to points, but to the things he does. Look at the pass to Ornter during what looks like rush hour in Tokyo.

JANNING 8.5 – A system man? His characteristics paint him as a pure scorer. In fact, he knocks down the triple that takes the teams lead from 18 to 21. And then he does even more. Finishes with 37 index rating, 34 points, 7/10 on 3s. Not bad, Matt.
VIGGIANO 6 – Good things. Not very many, to tell the truth. He’s not a closer. He can do more.

CARTER 7.5 – He starts dribbling and they almost steal is from him. Then he’s forced to do what he knows how to do and knocks down a triple from 8 meters out. He takes a liking to it and he makes 8 points the first 5 minutes, 11 by the first buzzer. Closes out with  5/8 8 from the arc and a constant presence on offense.
UDOM 6.5 – Crespi shows his trust by sending him out in the start and he repays that faith with a great dunk on a fastbreak. Misses an easy shot but that’s the only low note of his performance.

RESS 7.5 – Blocks (maybe) Donta Smith three times in the same play. Takes it from there and dunks on a tap in. Under his net he’s a nightmare for every opponent tho touches the ball. Plays like Baresi or Vierchowod, you choose. Some call him «grandpa». Grandkids learn from him.

NELSON n.g. – Immediately gets hurt.

HUNTER 5.5 – Doesn’t even take one shot. It wasn’t his night.

ORTNER 6,5 – He’s back. Gets called on two moving violations that at least one was avoidable. But he’s there under the net.




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