Six Away Games in Eight Games Starting with Milano Departure for Munich this Morningand then on to Prague

14 January  Press Release

La Nazione

DEPARTURE at 6:30am. Direction Florence where Montepaschi will fly to Munich. They have a one hour layover before their flight to Prague. Then there’s at least an hour bus ride before arriving in Pardubice. That’s Mens Sana’s schedule today, as they prepare to play their second Eurocup game tomorrow night at 7. Montepaschi’s return is scheduled for early Thursday afternoon. They’ll have two days in Siena – actually less – to get ready for their double away game trip, Cremona-Haifa, that has the team travelling without “passing go”. Six that makes six away games out of eight, starting with the Milan game last Sunday. That’s a heavy schedule accompanying the team into the Coppa Italia Final 8.  Eurocup or Euroleague – doesn’t make much difference (see Khimki) because they are both top level. The trips (see ZieIona Gora) are tough.


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