Under 17s lose to ABC

def 20 January  Youth Sector

Under 17 Eccellenza - Day 2, Round 2
MENS SANA SIENA - ABC CASTELFIORENTINO : 82 – 57 (23-9; 43-22; 62-44)

MENS SANA SIENA : Tonini 4, Bruttini 5, Banchi 5, Neri 10, Ceccarelli 22, Campelli 5, Cometti 9, Batori 2, Nesi 2, Bartalucci 4, Bucarelli 14, Di Pizzo.   Cch. Catalani

ABC CASTELFIORENTINO : Corbinelli 17, Iserani 2, Morandini, Mazzoni 6, Gronchi 9, Garosi, Fabbrini 5, Buti 1, Martinelli 4, Caggiano 13.   Cch. Vaiani

Coach Michele Catalani recounts, ” We got off to a good start, as the first quarter in our favour shows. We were able to contain opposing offense well, allowing them only 9 points. We progressively worked to correct some imprecision, and we did a good job at controlling the second half two, heading into the half up by 21. Back in, however, we had huge drops in focus and made some senseless turnovers that allowed Castelfiorentino to strike and win the third quarter. In 10′, they scored more points than they had the entire first half.  We weren’t’ able to get back our game flow and  just tried to maintain, amidst a lot of indecision, the lead we’d already gained. We especially didn’t shine at the end.”

Their next match is again at PalaEstra on Saturday, January 25th at 6:30pm against Libertas Liburnia


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