Under 19s Defeat Val di Ceppo

def 28 January  Youth Sector

Under 19 DNG – Game 3 of Round 2

Val di Ceppo Basket- Mens Sana basket: 58-70 (12-19; 27-38; 43-49)

Tabellini Mens Sana Basket: Del Cucina, Tognazzi 6, Nasello 6, Johansson 3, Cappelletti 17, Lofberg 9, Marini 12, Romano 1, Tealdi 4, Bucarelli 12, Cometti, Mari. Cch. Catalani

Val Di Ceppo: Carida’ 9, Domenis 8, Cimarelli 6, Venturi 5, Melchiorri 5, Battiloro 6, Patani 7, Portillo 8, Vitalesta, Rombi 2, Di Diomede, Bonomi 2. Cch. Fabrizi.

Referees: Di Toro and Curiotto

An away win for the Under 19s as they defeat their counterparts from Val di Ceppo by a score of 58-70.

COACH CATALANI”S COMMENTS: “We earned two important points and that wasn’t a given. We didn’t play a consistent game defensively, despite being able to keep the home team below their points average. I think we could have done more. The worse stat was maybe the offensive turnovers, where we were too uncertain too often but, overall, we were solid when it came time to end the game. Too bad about the lackluster finale when we careless enough to give away four balls in a row during the last plays.”



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