Open Letter from Mens Sana Employees and Collaborators

def 28 February  Mens Sana House

The time has come to make our voices heard; that of Mens Sana Basket’s employees and collaborators. In truth, we’ve already done it in the appropriate venues, but with no results or ones different than we’d hoped.

That’s why now, we’d like to make our appeal public; our cry of alarm and request for help. Maybe we placed too much trust in those who were supposed to find a solution to safeguard what is unanimously considered to be the great legacy of Siena, not to mention Italy and Europe. But, instead of solutions, a lot of contradictory statements and conflicting positions emerged.

What was happening to the club, Mens Sana Basket, was open for all to see and often publicly exposed. No one believed it, thinking that someone  would suddenly pull an ace from their sleeve.  Now it’s time to close the door to wars and useless polemics and face the problem we feel so strongly about.

We’re like to see and feel everyone rallied around the save determination to save Mens Sana Basket that we have.

Mens Sana Basket gives us a job. It provides work to 40 regular employees and just a many continuous collaborators so they can provide for their families. But that’s not all it represents. It represents efficiency, a model of organization, a work method and professionalism that are known and respected by the entire world of basketball.

We employees and collaborators strongly believe in Mens Sana Basket, in what it is and what we want it to be in the future. For that reason, we will do everything within our power to save this club.

We’re tired of those getting their jollies off of our suffering. We’re tired of this witch hunt, which seems to be some people’s only goal, thus wasting energy that should be put into creating a future. And we’re tired of promised being made evidently just to gain time and the unfortunately were not kept; we’re tired of the pervasive immobility. Enough is enough. Now we must begin to reflect on what’s happening with this club, prompted by what was brought to the city in the past and what must be nurtured in the future.

How can we find a solution, attract investors and present a development plan with this kind of atmosphere around us? How can there be a future if this is the image that prevails despite what Mens Sana has shown and continues to show that they are: from the youth sector to the first team, from pride and passion to the attachment to colours that have driven us, and our focus on children across Italy through the efforts of BasketBall Generation.

Core values not just for a sports club for also and especially for a city, for Siena – our city. And Mens Sana Basket is one of the businesses that has best represented these values in the world, thus making a name for itself and the its sponsor. Is there  no one willing to help us? It’s a rhetorical question we don’t want to ask ourselves. We really don’t have time to ask it because we’re working night and day show everyone – as if there were a need to – that Mens Sana is STILL ALIVE.

We’ve gotten through other difficult time, SO WE’LL TRY TO DO IT AGAIN. Because we have no intention of letting our jobs, our professions and our passions be exploited to destroy a winning model.

It’s hard. We know it. It would certainly be easier of the entire City of Siena were united in saving a part of its treasure, just like they’ve done in the past.

Forza Mens Sana



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