Mens Sana Conquers Montegranaro

2 March  Mens Sana House


SUTOR MONTEGRANARO: Cinciarini 13, Sakic 14, Tessitore, Rossi, Lauwers 3, Kudlacek 4, Campani 6, Rossi, Mazzola 6, Mitrovic 2, Piunti. Cch. Recalcati

MONTEPASCHI SIENA: Viggiano 10, Hunter 8, Cournooh 2, Haynes 14, Carter 6, Janning 7, Ress 3, Ortner 6, Nelson 2, Udom 4, Cappelletti, Green 16. Cch. Crespi

Montepaschi conquers Montegranaro’s PalaSavelli by defeating Sutor 50-78.

It was a balanced game early on as the green-and-whites trail by 1 after 4’ (9-8). The game flows pretty consistently and Sutor takes a 4 point lead with a triple from Lauwers. First quarter ends 17-13.

Montegranaro widens the gap with two baskets from Mazzola at the start of the second. Viggiano adds two forMontepaschi, and Haynes triples to bring the score to 21-16 after there and half minutes. Cinciarini brings in a three point play and reset the gap, then Mazzola scores for an 8 point lead. Siena ups pressure on defense and the pace on offense, then Ress’ triple kicks off a comeback. Hunter dunks for 26-23 score at 3’53”, and Haynes widens the gap with a three point play to tie it up (26-26). Carter assists Ortner for a 2 point lead. Cinciarini ends the run (10-0) and ties it again (28-28 at 1’23”). Carter knocks down the three to put Siena back on top. Viggiano’s free throws and Haynes’ three end the quarter 28-36.

Montepaschi picks up the pace to take a double figure lead, and it’s a 27 point game at 3’ (31-58). Siena widens the gap even more and, by the third buzzer, Montegranaro has scored only 5 points. The quarter ends 33-62.

The tune doesn’t change the final quarter as Montepaschi manages their lead well. Campani puts some movement to Sutor’s scoreboard from the line, but the green-and-whites immediately strike back through Viggiano. Montegranaro adds some points from the line (40-70 at 5’30”), but Montepaschi won’t be caught and gives their youth athletes some court time. Siena brings in a win by conquering PalaSavelli 50-78.



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