Montepaschi Impacts the Series

23 May  Mens Sana House


MONTEPASCHI SIENA: Viggiano 2, Hunter 4, Cournooh 2, Haynes 12, Carter 17, Janning 5, Ress 7, Ortner 9, Nelson 10, Udom ne, Nasello ne, Green 20. Cch. Crespi

GRISSIN BON REGGIO EMILIA: White 20, Filloy 10, Gigli 3, Brunner 6, Antonutti, Bell 16, Frassineti ne, Kaukenas 5, Cervi 4, Silins 16, Pini ne, Cinciarini 4. Cch. Menetti

Montepaschi ties the series by beating Reggio Emilia 88-84 in a game in which the green-and-whites led by as much as twenty points. Siena, without Hunter from mid second quarter, withstands Grissin Bon’s attacks and ties the series that now moves to Emilia (Saturday at 8:30, live on Rai Sport 2).

Siena starts off on the right foot and leads 15-5 at 6’24”. Reggio does’t bat an eye and reacts to Mens Sana’s strikes and trails by 6 with 3′ left (19-13). Montepaschi manages their lead and end first quarter 25-15.

Grissin Bon comes back in with triple from Bell, but Siena makes a 6-0 break. The away team gets more points from their point  guard, but the green-and-whites maintain their lead and are up by 15 with 4′ left (40-25). And the two teams head into the half 47-32.

Siena gets up by 20 after 2’ back (52-32). Reggio tries to score but the green-and-whites do a good job responding  (61-41 a 3’15”). The away team ups defensive pressure, but Montepaschi maintains a safe distance and ends third quarter 64-45.

Grissin Bon is intent on not giving in a gains ground (67-57 at 5’40”). Green ends the away team’s run from the line. On the other side, Reggio makes a break to trail by 6 (69-63). Carter triples to end Reggio’s run, but White adds another two points. Green responds (74-65 at 3’). Brunner scores in tap in followed by White and the gap narrows. Haynes makes a layup and Ortner goes 1/2. Reggio responds with a triple from Silins while Siena gets points from Nelson. Bell misses one of his two free throws, then goes on to add another two points. Montepaschi holds up on the line, Reggio comes withi two, 86-84. Haynes’ free throw end the game and Siena impacts the series by taking game 2 88-84.


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