Montepaschi Beats Sassari and Holds First Place Alone

22 December 2013  Mens Sana House


BANCO DI SARDEGNA SASSARI: Green M., Fernandez, Green C. 20, Devecchi 2, Diener T. 7, Johnson 2, Sacchetti 3, Diener D. 10, Vanuzzo 4, Tessitori, Thomas 12. Cch. Sacchetti

MONTEPASCHI SIENA: Viggiano 7, Hunter ne, Cournooh 10, Rochestie 7, Carter 15, Ress 7, Cappelletti ne, Ortner 2, Nelson 6, Udom, Green 8. Cch. Crespi

Montepaschi conquers PalaSerradimigni in Sassari by defeating Dinamo 60-62 and is the sole team in the number one spot in the rankings.

Siena immediately scores. Sassari responds but the green-and-white get ahead 7-15 by 3’ (8-2 is Siena’s run). Thomas ends the break with a three point play, then Ress adds another two points. Dinamo tries to close up the hole and first quarter ends a 5 point game, 14-19.

Sacchetti and Vanuzzo tie the game back up at the start of the second quarter (19-19). Rochestie and Viggiano put Siena up by 3, then Diener puts Dinamo ahead (24-22 after 4’). Carter triples for a 1 point lead, then the home team responds with a three point play from Caleb Green. Carter triples to make the score 27-28 at mid quarter. Montepaschi makes a 7-2 break and the score at halftime is 29-35.

Third quarter starts off with a break in favour of Sardinia (4-2). There are a lot of mistakes on both sides, then Thomas gets things going again from the line and the score is 33-37. At 4’10” , the teams are tied again (37-37), then Sassari takes back the lead with free throws fromTravis Diener, Caleb Green and Thomas (all1/2). Siena finds their way back to the basket with Rochestie and then to trail by 1 at the end of the quarter 42-41.

Devecchi kicks off scoring the final quarter. Carter ties the score (44-44). After 3’, Drake Diener puts Sassari back on top with a triple. Siena comes within1 through Green on the line. The game day’s ex does the same for Dinamo but, on the other side, Montepaschi gets points from Nelson. Sassari makes a 4-0 break for a 6 point lead a mid quarter (54-48). Siena ends the run through Carter, who goes 1/2 from the line, and Cournooh who a basket on a fastbreak. The score is now 54-51. Viggiano ties it with less than 3’ until the final buzzer (54-54). Thomas puts his team back on top. Mens Sana’s number 7 ties the game, then Green brings the lead at 40” (56-58). Cournooh adds free throws for a 4 point lead. Caleb Green narrows the gap, but the young green-and-white point guard nails the target for another 2/2. Sassari makes the last basket, but the victory is Montepaschi’s, as they conquer PalaSerradimigni 60-62 and earn the number one spot alone in the rankings.



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