Montepaschi Falls in the End

12 December 2013  Mens Sana House

OLYMPIACOS-MONTEPASCHI SIENA 78-7 3(15-17; 25-36; 46-57)

OLYMPIACOS: Petway 9, Law 6, Dunston 7, Spanoulis 16, Perperoglou 18, Papapetrou ne, Sloukas 8 , Simmons ne, Agravanis ne, Matzaris 3, Kavvadas ne, Lojeski 10. Cch. Bartzokas

MONTEPASCHI SIENA: Viggiano 4, Hunter 6, Cournooh 4, Rochestie 2, Carter 10, Ress 10, Ortner , Nelson 9, Udom ne, Hackett ne , Green 28. Cch. Crespi

Montepaschi almost pulls off a feat in Piraeus, ceding in the end to home team Olympiacos, 78-73.

The green-and-whites, who have to do without Hackett who’s the victim of a hip contusion, start off strong with a 3-8 break. The Reds come close from the line, but Green responds in kind. A 3’, Siena leads by two points (9-11). Nelson hits one off the backboard, but Olympiacos has a ready responds. Carter keeps Montepaschi ahead. The Greeks tie it up at the end of the quarter, but Rochestie’s basket at the buzzer puts Siena up 15-17.

The home team shoots ahead at the start of the second quarter (+3 after 2’, 22-19), then Green strikes from the line and Ress triples to put Siena back on top (22-24 after 4’).  The green-and-whites get up by 11 at the end of the quarter, which 25-36.

Siena stays in control and leads by 14 at mid quarter (33-47). Olympiacos tries to gain ground and, just a few seconds before the buzzer, they trail by only 9 (46-57), but Erick Green’s triple restores the double digit lead. Siena is up 46-57 at the end of the quarter.

Montepaschi stays in control, but the Reds’ reaction comes quickly to trail by 5 at mid quarter (61-66). Siena puts the breaks on the European Champions’ attacks through Green, who puts the team up by nine (61-70). The Reds launch another attack and at 3’ they’re down by only 4 (66-70). Hunter gives Siena some help, but Spanoulis scores, followed by Perperoglou to be down by 1 (71-72 at 1’30”). Green goes 1/2 from the line, then Olympiacos’ leader triples for a Greek lead just seconds from the end (74-73). Lojeski’s basket gives 3 point lead with 16” left  (76-73). Viggiano misses from the line, Olympiacos no. Siena cedes to the European Champions 78-73.


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