Nothing “Turkish” for Daniel Hackett

11 December 2013  Press Release

La Nazione di Siena
It’s official: Daniel Hackett will not go to Galatasaray. And that’s not just talk, but a certainty derived from regulations. We’re talking about Turkish regulations, to be specific. Nothing could be more automatic or transparent. It’s plain for all to see. To make a long story short, Galatasaray had one registration available, rather, a wild card to use to exclude one foreign player from their championship list and add a new player. That wild card was used up two night ago against Fenerbahce when Malik Hairston debuted in Turkey (7 points and 2/7 at shooting in 32 minutes), thus closing the door – if it had ever really been open, to registering Daniel Hackett. That obviously doesn’t stand for Euroleague, but that would be a ridiculous maneuver that’s even to over the top to come up in bar chat. What were Ferdinando Minucci and Jacopo Menghetti in Istanbul? Now that’s the topic that’s drawn the most attention. Or maybe it’s simply just a photo, since they were immortalized at Abdi Ipekci Arena along with Ataman, – not exactly the best location if they were trying to have a private meeting. And it’s interesting, in a way, how much attention it’s drawn. Afterall, that’s what a general manager and sports director are supposed to do. That’s especially true if the two in question have everything that Mens Sana has won in Italy and in Europe – from the Saporta to the first national title, the Final Fours and historic records – on their resumes. And there’s no dispute over the respect and strong rapport between Mens Sana Basket and Ergin Ataman. What was said between them will remain classified. But the fact they were present at such an important game as the one between Galatasaray and Fenerbahce (the two richest clubs in Europe?) along with a lot of colleagues, agents – not to mention, on their way to Athens (half an hour flight, 3 from Rome) –  is to be considered routine, like when Minucci goes to Barcelona for Euroleague Board meetings. The real sports miracle is what Crespi is producing with his staff for all to see, and the miracle of the hard work at least the past then years that made it possible. Federico Cappelli



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