Montepaschi Cedes to Nymburk

def 15 January  Mens Sana House

CEZ NYMBURK-MONTEPASCHI SIENA 78-75 (16-12; 37-38; 55-54)

CEZ NYMBURK: Benda 12, Massamba, Ilievski 8, Hruban 6, Palyza ne, Welsch 2, Houska ne, Simmons 3, Mahalbazic 5, Rancik 20, Page 22, Kriz ne. Cch. Kemzura

MONTEPASCHI SIENA: Viggiano 12, Hunter 11, Cournooh 3, Haynes 14, Carter 10, Janning 2, Ress 2, Ortner 5, Nelson 11, Udom ne, Cappellett ne, Green 5. Cch. Crespi

Montepaschi loses in NymburK. The green-and-whites cede the second Eurocup home game to the home team 78-75.

Montepaschi is ahead after 3’ (2-6). Nymburk closes the gap. Janning adds two points for Montepaschi but Welsch and Rancik put their team up by 6 (14-8). Haynes lands two free throws. Nymburk responds through Benda, but Green adds two points to trail by four at the end of the quarter: 16-12.

Montepaschi trails but is still the game (20-16 at 7’44”). The Czechs keep their distance, but Cournooh knocks down the green-and-whites’ first triple of the game. The home team is up 29-21 with 5’28” in the quarter. Hunter scores to trail by 6, but Nymburk maintains their lead. At 3’, Rancik makes the score 34-26 with a triple. Nelson narrows the gap with a two-hander and Siena is breathing down the home team’s neck. Montepaschi comes within 2 thanks to Haynes just a few seconds before the end of the quarter. The ex Milano player then puts his team in the lead. The score at halftime is 37-38.

Nymburk takes back the lead with a 6-0 break. Nelson ends the run but Simmons lands a triple. The green-and-whites trail by only 1 at mid quarter (45-44). Benda sinks one in the heart of the pain, then Kuban triples to make it a 6 point game (50-44 at 4’). Carter adds a three but then fouls Benda, who doesn’t miss from the line (52-47 at 2’10”). Mens Sana’s number 11 redeems himself with another triple. Montepaschi ties the score at the end of the third (54-54). Hruban lands a free throw for a 1 point lead for the home team 55-54.

Nymburk is up by 5 again, but Siena responds through Carter. The home team gets points from Page, and Montepaschi from Viggiano (62-59 after 2’). Hunter lands a shot to trail by 1, then Nelson triples for a new Siena lead (62-64  after 4’). Nymburk ties it, then Siena takes back the lead. Hunter scores. With 2′, Montepaschi is up by 4, then Page adds six consecutive points to take by the lead (72-70 at 2’08”). Ilievski widens the gap from the line 20” from the end. Viggiano puts Siena back within 1 with 15″ left in the game. Ress sends Rancik to the line, and he doesn’t miss. Haynes lands his shots from the line with 5″ left.  Ilievski makes 2/2 free throws. Haynes misses. Siena cedes to Nymburk 78-75.



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