A Heavy Price for Montepaschi To Pay

4 February  Press Release

La Nazione

Why is what Marco Crespi did at the beginning of the season often referred to as a miracle? Because is was. And there are no doubts that it was, especially in light of what’s going on now. It was a miracle even though it all centered around Daniel Hackett, who let moved on to Milan where not everything centers around him, but almost.  It was a miracle because the team sewn together by tailor Crespi didn’t have to change anything because of Daniel. But it was mostly a miracle because miracles don’t last an eternity. And when their effect ends, it’s time to pay the price. It’s a heavy  price that Mens Sana is attempting to pay. But they can’t simply throw cash at it as if it were nothing. They have to invest in themselves to find resources, play hard and get angry. That’s what  Tomas Ress did after the game in Bologna. And it was needed. It was clear that it was going to be a tough season when jersey number 23 hung above the court at PalaEstra, so go figure now. However, after having wont the Supercoppa, the goals remain unchanged. Actually, using the plural is already wrong. There’s only one: Italian Championship playoff qualification. Qualification means Euroleague with all the benefits it entails. It’s going to be hard – extremely hard. But the rankings look good: 4 point lead over the third covering seventh through ninth positions, and a positive situation in head-ons with iReggio Emilia (+2), Venezia ( + 14 round one in Siena) and Avellino (+10 away round one). It’s true that there are 6 teams tailing by just 2 points, but Mens Sana needs to look ahead – not in terms of the rankings, but the calendar. Twelve equally divided games. In chronological order, the last three are finals-style at home against Sassari, Brindisi and Milano, Let’s offer up a hypothesis: with 6 wins Mens Sana is in the playoffs. So “all they have to do” is always win at home. That’s why a fiery home crowd is needed, no matter the game quality, three point misses or turnovers. That’s what’s needed to create the season’s second miracle. And it feel so great to know we pulled of something so special; to have each personally participated in pulling of such a small but huge feat.


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