Under 15s Fall in Pistoia

def 3 February  Youth Sector


Under 15 Ecc. 4th Day Round 2

PISTOIA BASKET 2000 SRL – MENS SANA BASKET: 70-61 (9-15; 33-37; 52-47)

PISTOIA BASKET 2000 SRL: Baldi 7, Di Mare n.e., Ngjela, Agostini 4, Navicelli 26, Gai 16, Zagati, Ferro, Milani 5, Coppola n.e., Muzzi 2, Cipriani 10. Cch. Angella

MENS SANA BASKET: Pannini 9, Panichi 12, Meiattini, D’Agostino 3, Ricciardelli, Vitale 2, Briganti, Belli 14, Collet G. n.e., Cecchi 21, Bruni, Vivarelli. Cch. Robledo

The green-and-whites lose to Pistoia 70-61 and it’s their third loss this season. After an evel first half ended 37-33, Robledo’s boys suffer a nasty 10-1 break at the start of the third. They’re then not able to find their way back to the net for quite a while but come back at the end to tie it up. Pistoia keeps a clear head those final moments, allowing them to bring home to two points.  

COACH ROBLEDO: “We could have ended the first half with a double digit lead, but we didn’t because we made silly mistakes. We really paid for it second half. Now our journey is an uphill battle because we’ll be facing team who want to beat us even more than before. It’s up to us not to let that happen.”


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