Montepaschi Defeats Sassari

6 April  Mens Sana House


MONTEPASCHI SIENA: Viggiano 11, Hunter 16, Cournooh, Haynes 16, Carter 9, Janning 2, Ress 7, Ortner 4, Nelson 6, Udom ne, Cappelletti ne, Green 11. Cch. Crespi

BANCO DI SARDEGNA SASSARI: Green M. 21, Green C. 17, Devecchi ne, Chessa 6, Gordon 3, Diener T. ne, Sacchetti 5, Diener D. 11, Vanuzzo, Eze 8, Tessitori 2, Thomas 8. Cch. Sacchetti

A beautiful win for Montepaschi who defeated Dinamo Sassari 82-81, at the end of a hard-fought game in the rectangle for the entire 40′. Siena takes second place in the rankings and begins focusing on upcoming games.

It’s a an even match at the start at the two teams are tied after 3′ (8-8). Sassari gets some important baskets from its Green, while Siena strikes back with its big men. At mid quarter, the scoreboard reads tied (13-13), then Dinamo with its ex Avellino duo (17-13). Siena has a ready response, but the Sardinians respond with three points from Diener. Hunter dominates for the green-and-whites, and Siena takes a one point lead (19-20 at 2’). The blue-and-whites widen the gap through Thomas on the line, thenViggiano strikes again with a triple at the end of first quarter, which in a 22-22 tie.

Sassari takes back control of the game and is up 4 after 4’ (27-31). Viggiano brings his team closer twice to trail by 2 at mid quarter(32-34). Janning strikes again, then Haynes scores for the lead (36-34). Drake Diener ties it back up then makes a basket for the lead(36-42).  Hunter scores to trail b 4, then Nelson adds two points that send the teams into the half 40-42.

Haynes’s triple puts the green-and-whites on top, followed by Ammiraglio to make the score45-42. Eze narrows the gap, but the ex Milano player lands a two-hander and it’s Hunter with a tap in  (49-44 at 7’24”). Diener ends the green-and-white’s run, followed by Caleb Green (at 6’, 49-48). Siena gets points from their Green, then Sassari’s big man goes to the line for a foul called on Nelson and makes 1/2. Sassari ties is up again by mid quarter (51-51), but that only last one play because Siena’s #32 brings in a three point play. Hunter and Carter both hammer the net d (58-51 at 3’30”).  Green continues Siena’s run, but Sassari ends it from the line. The man from Virginia Tech bombards from the arc, Chessa responds, then Ress and Marquez Green add to the rain of triples (65-59  at 1’). Sassari’s #6 lands 1/2 free throws, but Sacchetti’s basket ends third quarter 65-62.

The game is back up for grabs at the start of the fourth, but Haynes triples. Dinamo responds with Marques Green and Drake Diener. At mid quarter, Sassari is up by 6 (70-76). Haynes narrows the gap in penetration, then Caleb Green knocks down an impossible triple from the corner. Siena responds with Eric and Ress lands 1/2 from the line but makes up for it with a triple for the tie (78-78). Marques Green puts his team back on top, but Carter’s free throws and Ress’ triple hand an 82-81 victory over to Montepaschi.


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