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05 lug 2012 15.12

Siena’s Market in La Gazzetta dello Sport (...) Benjamin Eze is waiting for Milan to exercise the exit clause provided for in his existing contract in order to return to Mens Sana. What’s implicit in this operation is going without the other “passport holder”, Shaun Stonerook. Siena ...

Today’s News

01 lug 2012 02.57

Tony Cappellari interviewed by La Provincia di Varese (...) Siena re-dimensions: Could Milan Take Advantage? The one that spends the most money surely isn’t the one that always wins the championship. The budget is important but positivity and ideas are more important. Siena is beginning again, wit...

Today's News

30 giu 2012 15.22

  Mercato Basket in Gazzetta dello Sport Back from a vacation inFormentera, Daniel Hackett talks about Pesaro and helps us understand if there's a chance he'll continue playing in the city and environment that launched him. Pesaro started talking about budget yesterday, in light of a ...

Today’s News

24 giu 2012 12.18

  David Vanterpool talks about Siena in interview with Avellino’s Il Mattino (...) Siena, another of his ex team’s in Italy, won their sixth consecutive title with Pianigiani, who won’t be the head coach anymore and is being replaced by coach Luca Banchi. Did Montepaschi’s ...

Today’s News

13 giu 2012 14.44

  Gallinari interviewed by La Nuova Sardegna (...) Coach Simone Pianigiani is looikng for his 6th title in row, while Sergio Scariolo has seven trophies in his case. “Excluding the title with Pesaro, Scariolo has always won with Spain. They are certainly two winners.” How much is Montep...

Sandro Gamba in the Corriere della Sera

03 giu 2012 19.02

  Sandro Gamba interviewed by Flavio Vanetti in the Corriere della Sera about his 80 years(...) Will Siena beat Borletti's five win record? «I get the idea they will». Milano complained: victim of the powerful and refeees. «I think those are exagge...

Today’s News

08 mag 2012 21.10

  Report Cardsin Gazzetta SIENAGRADE 8: It was the year with the worst record in Pianigiani’s era (75%) because of injures. But the team was able to reinvent themselves well during the season. The only team above 50% in away games, with Andersen (in photo), an excellent acquisition, producing...

Today's News

30 apr 2012 16.18

  Anna Cremascoli interviewed on repubblica.it Your rivals: Siena. is the best and the strongest.. They're not a team that wins; they're a winning team. That's different."  

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