16 mar 2012 15.07

The following is the interview with Minucci that came out in La Nazione today (Tommaso Strambi) «Montepaschi Leader in Europe and a New Anticrisis Arena» Mens Sana’s president at a week out from the playoffs against Olympiacos President Minucci, there’s less than a week unti...

17 gen 2012 17.02

  Ferdinando Minucci was the star of a long interview done by Stefano Valenti published on It’s available at the following link:

16 gen 2012 19.06

  The story is made of numbers, data, statistics and acts that remain imprinted in people’s memories. But the story is also, if not mostly, made of men, characters who maybe in different eras and in different ways, knew how to leave an indelible mark.  Shaun Stonerook is already a huge part ...

05 gen 2012 19.54

  If he were a soup, more so than reheated, he’d actually be re-reheated. But since he’s not soup, but a basketball player, let’s say that we’re talking about the third version of the most loved players by Viale Sclavo crowds. And Siena likes reheated soups because, unlike in ot...

28 dic 2011 22.24

  There are those who say that you have to be tall to play basketball. Terrell McIntyre, Bo McCalebb and many others “undersized” athletes prove that you can be a phenomenon even if you’re short. Sure, height helps some, not only in advanced phases, but also at the origin when, for ex...

28 nov 2011 16.03

  Attilio Caja post Vanoli Braga-MPS (La Cronaca) "They proved, however, to be Siena, the team we all know. Siena played like Siena; we had big problems. (...) They have twelve players and can use up a lot of fouls, plus they have remarkable athleticism. If you beat one guy, you find yourself ...

22 nov 2011 18.14

  David Andersen is one of Montepaschi’s “new” arrives for the 2011/12 season, though he’s not truly new seeing as though good ol’ David was already in Siena, and has already won here too. It happened in 2003/04, the  year of Montepaschi’s first ever national ti...

22 nov 2011 00.56

Mens Sana fans can dialogue with their favourite players the club’s facebook page, Montepaschi Sport. This week’s star was Rimantas Kaukenas, who responded to fans’ questions: Marco Ganga Ganghini asks: Ciao Rimas, is your choice of number simply random or does it have a special meaning fo...

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