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Montepaschi, Armani in Their Crosshairs

08 mag 2013 16.50

  QUARTERFINALS game one of the playoffs is approaching and anticipation is growing for the most uncertain series in recent years. Milano and Siena are playing for access to the post season’s second act, both aware that the series is long, and that making plans or predictions right now would be d...

“It Will Be Tough against Milan, But We Have to Beat Everyone If We Want to Win the Title”

08 mag 2013 15.05

  Tomas Ress, the creator Sunday of some defensive plays that thrilled fans at PalaEstra, is on an upswing. He racked up three blocks, one of which (on Gordon) brought many spectators to their feet in applause. Ress comments, "It’s going to be hard against Milano, and it’s surely impor...

Montepaschi: The Countdown Is On

07 mag 2013 17.04

  "MISSION DESIO” Mens Sana fans chanted on Sunday after the game against Sassari. Maybe it was a way to defuse the tention; maybe a way to make fun of playoff rivals who can’t play game-5 in their own arena because American singer, Beyonce, is holding a concert there. That happens whe...

The Market Can Wait

07 mag 2013 16.42

  THE RUMOUR mill is running wild. And they are worse than rumours because everyone knows that now’s not the time you work on the market. Rather, it’s not the time to move on the Italian market. Maybe some people are already eyeing some players that have finished or are about to finish thei...

Report Cards

06 mag 2013 16.51

  BROWN 7 – Drives the team, scores, leads. He’s receiving and award in London on Thursday because Mens Sana is a club that focuses on winning and making its players grow. That’s why everyone wants to play in Siena. HACKETT 7.5 – Energy in its purest state. You can feel his ...

“We Can Compete. Siena Has a Great Mentality”

06 mag 2013 16.35

  Sani Becirovic is back in Italy and he’s very clear about his goal: ''Sassari and Varese have demonstrated consistency; my teammates absolutely deserve second place.”  He says that between one snack and another at an event at the Max Hotel Executive. "I think we have a g...

Mens Sana, Dress Rehearsal for the Playoffs

03 mag 2013 16.15

  A DRESS rehearsal for the playoffs. This is the definition written all over Sunday’s challenge between Montepaschi and Dinamo Sassari. And we might not just be talking about a playoff series, but the actually finals. In fact, Siena and Sassari firmly positioned on the playoff grid. There’...

Everyone to PalaEstra Dressed in Green

03 mag 2013 15.55

  Sunday, May 5th is "Green day"! The notice from Mens Sana fans reads: "For the last Regular Season game day, let’s have everyone and everything in PalaEstra decked in green to cheer for Mens Sana! Shirts, scarves, pants, shoes and recognition for the most creative fans! We want t...

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